At Eve, we developed an event management platform from scratch. The focus of the product is to manage issues during an event. It provides an overview of the event: managers can monitor events in real-time, distribute messages, assign tasks to crew members, and prevent risks.

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Before Eve, event managers used a combination of spreadsheets, radios, phones, and documents to track everything that happened at the event, make decisions, and communicate with the crew. Eve combined everything into one easy-to-use solution that also generates insights and mitigates the risk of event cancellation.

My role

I am responsible for managing all parts of the product life cycle, from ideation to launch. We started with a workshop where we were able to determine how to create value for the customer. From there, I developed the product strategy and initial design concept, aligned with the marketing, insurance, and sales department, worked with the design and engineering team to deliver the product - in its web and mobile versions. I also worked as a software engineer from the beginning of the project.

Software development

Eve followed the best practices while maintaining the speed of the development. The front-end utilizes Vue.js and its official plugins, Vuex and Vue Router, with support to Typescript and extensive testing with Jest and Cypress. We developed our UI component library.

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With the new direction, the company focused its resources and built the MVP quickly, which was essential in raising the seed funding.