I collaborated with Aerolito to create the OLI platform, a fully digital educational method and online platform that places the student as the protagonist of the learning process with real-time online classes, video participation, and voting. We created our own platform because there weren't any platforms with these features combined on the market.

The methodology

Aerolito is a company that studies emerging technologies and creates learning experiences and as mentors, we received Jason Silva (Futurist | Filmmaker), Roman Yampolskiy (CS Ph.D.), Mariana Perroni (MD), and Pablo Zamora (NotCo). The mentor of each cycle led the process in three meetings, the first with questions, the second presenting the thesis, and the third answering questions and creating with the participants a conclusion.

The development

To ensure student engagement on the platform, I created a classroom where everyone can watch in real-time, using webRTC that guarantees minimal latency and allowing students, at any point, to participate live. We also developed a chat and a voting system that were essential to Aerolito's unique learning methodology.

Oli - Session

The result

More than 5K users subscribed in the first semester.