I worked with Paradigma to create the research and content platform, microservices architecture, and generating insights with data from multiple sources. Our goal is to be the first platform specialized in teaching about cryptocurrency in Portuguese.

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Making the platform work with subscriptions as payment method and generating insights with data from various exchanges.

Payment method

For authentication, I used Firebase and integrated with the payment gateway using microservices and an event-based solution. The architecture choices made it possible to launch the platform quickly.

Data pipeline

To improve learning on the platform, we decided to include a variety of insights. We start by choosing the indicators and look for exchanges that could provide us with the necessary data, for example: Blockchair, TradingView, Binance, BitMex, Darbit, FTX and data from the Blockchain itself.

I created a data pipeline, some of them work via schedules and others via WebSocket. We transform the data by calculating various statistics and saving it in a TimescaleDB database, which guarantees speed in time series data.

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In the first month, the platform had more than 500 daily visits with only organic access. Currently, it has readers from 110+ countries.