The company's weather forecasting service based it's based on IoT sensing with a real-time network of low-cost sensors and public sources. I collaborated with Pluvi.on to create the new B2C climate app and B2B API to provide accurate information to save lives and reduce the financial damage associated with weather.


After the development of the weather stations, Pluvion decided to invest in scalable products using its algorithm that generates meteorological data with unique accuracy in the market. They invited me to lead the project from beginning to end.

The development

We started with the development of the app design. The design is as simple as possible and focused on rain data. We also developed an API for companies to be able to access the data. It is developed in microservices, ensuring easy maintenance and quick execution.

Pluvion - app

Data architecture

I developed a complex data architecture using GCP integrating data from hundreds of IoT devices and public sources, processed in batch or event streaming, transformed and compiled into a single updated source-of-truth data that provided current weather and the forecast. data to a B2C weather app and a B2B API.